Excellence in raised access floors


Project : Showcase room – World wide video conferencing facility


Architects – Jpc United Kingdom
Head Contractors – The Building Guild.
Project Director – Tom Moore
Product – Qik Link 30Mm Low Profile Cable Management Floor System

Project construction director tom moore was asked why choose qik link.??

“We were on a very tight time frame to complete this project and the selection of the Qik -Link floor system proved to be the correct choice ”

“Installation of the Qik – Link floor was completed in a matter of hours ,despite the unusual floor shape design , and the need to cut the qik link floor accurately enough to meet the tight specification tolerances of the incoming bt joinery items.”

“Qik-Link also proved to be a highly functional product to use , cable runs for AV, data and power services were quickly and easily accessed and installed from the topside of the floor via the inbuilt cable channels and the later relocation of some cable runs were fast and readily accomplished. Our services contractors loved using this floor”

“We will definitely will be using Qik-Link cable management flooring again .”

Tom Moore
Project Director
The Building Guild

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