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Low Profile Management Cable Management Flooring

Titan Access Floors provides low profile cable management access flooring Australia WIDE.

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Low profile cable management access flooring solutions

QIK-LINK 40 mm (D.I.Y.) ducted and Crosstrack 80 mm offer end users the best available Industry Solutions when it comes to low height underfloor cable management for offices, computer labs, libraries and more.

Low profile access floors cost less than traditional raised floors and can be installed more quickly and easily, and include inbuilt cable channels.

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TITAN – The ideal solution for cable management

80mm crosstrack low profile cable management floor systems

Melbourne Law Courts

40mm qik-link ducted low profile cable management floor systems

G20 – Brisbane

TITAN – A space saving option for offices and computer labs

Low Profile Qik-Link 40mm and Crosstrack 80mm systems are ideally suited for:

  • General office spaces
  • Equipment rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Network rooms
  • Call centres

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