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Excellence in Raised Access Floors

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Raised Floor Specialists in Australia

Titan Access Floors is a leading supplier and installer of quality access flooring systems in Australia.

We supply and install quality raised access flooring for high profile projects.

About Us

Established for over 30 years, Titan Access Floors provides professional raised floor installation services. 

Raised access flooring offers a solution that allows you to transform your area into an open, modern and functional space at a minimum cost without the need for power poles.

Our team has the qualifications and experience to deal with any type and scale of project.

TITAN - your raised floor installation experts

Australian Institute of Nanotechnology - Sydney University

Excellence in Raised Access Floors

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Titan Access Floors can provide your company with a comprehensive range of products and services including:

     - Quotations for New & Refurbished Installations

     - Free Technical Advice

     - Project Design

TITAN - superior quality access floor management

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Qualified and licensed team
  • Wide range of raised flooring solutions
  • Durable and strong floor panels
  • Wide variety of solid understructures
  • High pressure laminate and conductive vinyl floor anti-static coverings
  • Cable Management Floors

Let the experts handle your flooring needs!