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Raised Floor Systems Sydney

A raised floor system is a sophisticated, elevated floor structure placed upon the original concrete floor. It comprises of floor panels supported by a strong metal grid.

The Solution to Support the Modern Business Environment

Raised Floor Systems are used to create an open space in-between the original concrete slab and the floor panels. This space is perfect for the safe & discreet installation of electrical, data and telecom cabling as well as HVAC ducts. The floor panels can be readily removed for quick and easy access to the under floor services for maintenance reasons. Individual occupants have more control over the HVAC air flow than with ceiling systems. All-in-all, this floor system provides ease of reconfiguration, easy access, added comfort for building occupants and it is the solution to cabling distribution.

TITAN ACCESS FLOORS has over 20 years experience in the industry. If you need a raised floor system in Sydney then simply contact us.